Schedule update

Even though the COVID 19 coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world and has caused a huge disruption to our lives, we know that the Lord is in control, so there is no need for panic, worry or hysteria!  PRUDENCE NOT PANIC!!!   

Due to the Governor's Stay-At-Home order and out of an abundance of caution, the cancellation of in-person church services has been extended through June13.  


No doubt many of us have heard, during these weeks of the coronavirus, this question:  "Is the pandemic a sign of Jesus' soon return?  This week Pastor John begins a new series based in 1 Thessalonians.  Here is the link to join us in Worship from home:  

Click here to watch a modified Worship Service

Click here to download the Sermon Notes

As in the past weeks - before you click on the link for the Worship Service, Pastor John encourages you to get your Bible out, get ready to worship the Lord and pray.  Ask God to speak to you and your family. 

All other "in-person" activities have also been cancelled until June 13 as well.  (This includes Sunday School, Youth Group, Choir Rehearsal, Prayer Time, Impact Group, Ladies Bible Studies, Faith Bible Institute, Connect Groups, etc.)   

The church office continues to be open EVERY WEEKDAY (Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm) if you need anything.  Continue to stay in touch with us and each other - checking on one another - this is what a family does!  

Be encouraged!  Do not fear!  Walk in the Spirit of God as an example to others.  The Lord has not abdicated the Throne!  We do not know what tomorrow holds, but we know Who holds tomorrow!

(To see Pastor John's letter in it's entirety click here)

Schedule Updates

  • NO In-Person Worship Service May 31 & June 7
  • NO Sunday School until after June 15
  • NO Prayer Time until after June 15
  • NO Youth Group (unless by Zoom) until after June 15
  • NO Impact Group until after June 15
  • NO Ladies' Tuesday AM Bible Study until the Fall Semester
  • NO Faith Bible Institute Classes until further notice
  • NO AWANA until the Fall Semester - you can do AWANA at home (see the specific page for more details)
  • Amy Shreve Concert postponed
  • Connect Groups postponed until Fall
  • Church Office will be open EVERY DAY - Monday thru Friday - 9am till 5pm

WELCOME HOME...where we live by faith in Christ, are a voice of hope for all, and are known by love.