Your children can continue working on their AWANA books from home.  Here is a brief summary of how to do that:

1.  Follow a schedule of prayer, singing time, working on sections

2.  Listen to completed sections

3.  Sign leader signature portion of section

4.  Take a picture & text to appropriate leader (see below)

Clubbers are allowed 2 helps per section.  Clubbers should work in order from where they left off.  (Except T&T we left off together on 4.2 so start from there).  Once your clubber has completed all current sections you can go back and work on any they have missed.  You have until the end of August to complete this year's work.  

Club Contacts:

Puggles (2s&3s):       

              Rachel Irving 505-728-0519

Cubbies (4s&5s):       

              Francine Salazar 505-979-0533

Sparks (K-2nd):  

               Anna Farrow 505-870-2455

T&T (3rd-6th):  

               Betsy Branson 505-870-2587 or Moriah Yale 505-879-1876 or Paul Sowers 505-486-1088

Trek (7th-8th):  

               Pastor John

High School: 

               Betsy Branson 505-870-2587

Need more info?:

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