Men's Breakfast



The Men's Breakfast is for all men and boys.   

Earl's Family Restaurant

1400 East Highway 66 | Gallup

(Each pays their own)

The men also have other events throughout the year as they are organized.  Check the calendar for more details.


Gentlemen who:

Reject passivity,

Accept responsibility,

Courageously lead and,

Eternally invest


Men of Grace BBQ

May 31 | 5:30pm

Gallup Veteran's Center | 908 E Buena Vista

Bring your favorite Yard Game!

Open to all men (& boys ages 12+)

To register for the BBQ click here


Ongoing Men's Ministry & Mentorship Opportunities

Goal One:  Find and make a Band of Brothers

Goal Two:  Find and make Mentors

Goal Three:  Sustainability

This ministry has a place for men of all ages, in every stage of life.  Additional opportunities to connect, studies, group activities, and trips are in the works.  There will be discussions about how to move forward and continue to grow as Christian men.  WE NEED YOU!

For more information talk to Frank Sanchez, Jr. or one of our Pastors.  Click here to view the brochure.