Operation christmas Child

For over 15 years we have partnered with Samaritan's Purse to pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.  What is Operation Christmas Child?  Glad you asked...

Operation Christmas Child is a fun and easy project in which anyone can get involved.  Through simple gifts Operation Christmas Child brings good news and great joy to children all over the world.  

Basically, you and your family pack a shoebox with little things children would like, then Samaritan's Purse adds a Gospel booklet and sends them to children in need all over the world.  The children experience the love of Christ through these simple gifts and they get the Gospel message in their own language.  

In 2023 we set a new record and packed 215 physical and 17 online boxes and we took 255 shoeboxes from the community to the Regional Drop-Off Center in Albuquerque.  These 470 boxes are now on their way to spread the Gospel around the world! 

You can also pack a shoebox online - click on the link at the bottom of this page.  


How can you help?

1.  Pack a Shoebox (or 3) 

2.  Pray for the children receiving the shoeboxes

3.  Volunteer to pack the cartons on the 3rd Sunday of November

4.  Tell your friends and encourage them to get involved

5.  Donate money to cover the shipping costs

For more information contact Betsy Branson 505-870-2587


YOU CAN PACK A SHOEBOX ONLINE...Just CLICK HERE!!!! so it counts towards our goal!

How to Pack a Shoebox

1.  Pick up a red and green cardboard shoebox in the foyer or you can purchase a plastic one at

Hobby Lobby.  (Please use the red and green Operation Christmas Child printed boxes.  They

are a lot easier to pack in the cartons when we need to box them up).

2.  Choose the gender and age-range of the child you want to provide a box for.

3.  Fill the box with a "wow" toy, school supplies, hygiene items, other gifts.  (Be sure to pick up a  "How to Pack a Shoebox" flyer for specific do's/don'ts and age ranges).  

4.  Include $10 in your box to cover the shipping cost.

5.  Return the box to the church by Sunday, November 19 at NOON.

6.  Pray for the recipient of your box.