Due to a positive case of COVID-19 the Worship Service has been cancelled.  And out of an abundance of caution there will not be a recording or live-stream of any in-person service.   In order to be careful about not bringing any groups of people into church there will not be any afternoon or evening activities or ministries.

Sermon Notes

Even though we cannot meet in person, WORSHIPPING THE LORD IS NOT CANCELED!  Our God is worthy of our worship, thanks and praise!

He is a good, good Father!  And our Lord Jesus is a wonderful Saviour!

Pastor John is sharing the notes to the sermon he would have preached.  Ask God to show you what it is He wants you to learn, read Psalm 105:1-5, and then dive into these notes for study.

Click here for the notes

Spend some time worshipping, spend a bit of time praying, thanking and praising your God!